Meet Latreia’s Team

Our dynamic team combines talents in window coverings, interior design, and contracting to deliver unparalleled home transformations. Each team member contributes unique skills, fostering a collaborative environment that ensures excellence in every project. Get to know the dedicated individuals committed to transforming houses into homes.

Charlie Wakefield


Charlie Wakefield, CEO of Latreia Home Solutions, brings over 25 years of expertise to the industry. Holding a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Arizona State University and boasting SPHR, SHRM-SCP, and AZROC Contractor certifications, Charlie’s commitment to this field stems from a deep passion for transforming spaces. At Latreia, he specializes in senior leadership, spearheading team building, strategic planning, and nurturing a culture of continuous improvement. Charlie’s leadership philosophy revolves around humility, hunger for growth, and a commitment to being both a servant and transformational leader. His goal is to position Latreia as an employer of choice, fostering a culture that embodies service and excellence. With Latreia’s ethos rooted in worship through service, the company not only prioritizes customer satisfaction but also invests in sustainable, affordable housing solutions, reflecting their commitment to a greater cause.


Rick Douglas


Rick Douglas is the Chief Operating Officer at Latreia, bringing over 30 years of invaluable industry expertise. His passion for transforming clients’ living spaces through craftsmanship skills is the driving force behind his work. Specializing in project management, Richard excels in delivering seamless project experiences, enhancing customer satisfaction. He and his team prioritize exceeding client expectations, consistently going the extra mile from project initiation to successful completion.


Rob Douglas

VP of Interior Design

Meet Robert Douglas, our Vice President of Interior Design, boasting more than 20 years of industry expertise. With a foundation from the Community College of the Air Force and comprehensive technical training, Robert brings an abundance of experience and unwavering dedication to his pivotal role. His passion for Interior Design and Window Covering needs spans both indoor and outdoor spaces, driven by a deep appreciation for creativity and helping clients achieve their desired goals. Robert specializes in Interior Design and Training, fostering a team ethos centered on care and precision. His commitment to getting things right the first time reflects our collective dedication to delivering exceptional results. We pride ourselves on being a team of passionate designers and craftsmen, ensuring top-tier customer satisfaction. Keeping everything in-house without subcontractors underscores our commitment to quality craftsmanship and impeccable service.


Jill Millis

Interior Designer

Meet Jill Millis, an interior designer here at Latreia. With a keen eye for creating functional yet diverse aesthetics, Jill’s expertise spans Residential and Commercial spaces. Her journey began at Antonelli College of the Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio, honing her skills in crafting unique designs. As an ASID Member and AD, Jill remains updated on modern technology and trends through ongoing education. She passionately champions American-made products and supports local artists to enhance customer service and reduce shipping times. Leveraging Phoenix’s vibrant artist community, Jill seeks to infuse their creativity into each distinctive design. Beyond design, Jill’s artistic flair extends to crafting one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and creating captivating watercolor and acrylic paintings during her leisure time.


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